An undiscovered story

Soul-stirring scenery, words of inspiration, and one-of-a-kind craftsmanship. The world is so extensive, there must be more countless gems that are still undiscovered. This is what we learned through our exploration. When we shed light on an unknown story, people involved in that story seem to become joyful. We strive to share your fascinating story with the rest of the world. We believe that your story is such an inspiration that brings us immense energy to enrich our lives even further.
We are going on a journey to meet you who put your heart into your vocation. Setting up our radar, with a bird’s-eye view, looking out across the sky, we seek a story that has been woven somewhere quietly. The work we produce, the places we create, and the people we team up with—are all driving forces to achieve our aspirations. For every charming encounter, we believe that strength resides in each story. Today, we are embarking on another journey to find a new story.


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discovery go inc.

Nagoya Head Office
1-8 Issha, Meito-ku Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 465-0093, Japan

Kyoto Office
562-1, Oe-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Matsubara, Higashinotouin-dori, Kyoto-shi, 600-8402, Japan


〒465-0093 名古屋市名東区一社1-8
Tel 052-734-2595 / FAX 052-734-2596


〒600-8402 京都市下京区東洞院通松原下る大江町562-1


従業員数    5名(2017年1月現在)

1. 企業広報物の企画制作
2. 写真・映像制作
3. 自社プロダクツの製造、加工、販売
4. 雑誌媒体等の編集・取材・構成・執筆
5. スタジオのプロデュース・運営